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Nassau County Technical Services Grant

The Nassau Council of Chambers of Commerce (NCCC) is asking every member of local chambers for input on a host of things they might need help with. Their goal with the grant is to help every small business in Nassau, and we want the Syosset Woodbury Chamber business community’s needs to be well represented!


We request that you take the time to answer the following Survey as accurately as possible.  There are a considerable amount of new resources coming your way, funded by Nassau County, and through the Nassau Council of Chambers of Commerce (NCCC), the umbrella organization that ties all of Nassau’s Chambers together.  The goal is to help every small business, having Chambers participate as much as they each can on the grassroots level, then the NCCC will make up the difference… in every community.  So, obviously we NEED to know the NEEDS of the businesses to help them out.

We hope you find this survey easy and quick to complete, and of course appreciate your valuable time, as it will be worth it

Please respond ASAP!

Any questions, suggestions or additional comments may be sent to

Thank you,
Board of Directors, Syosset-Woodbury Chamber of Commerce