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2024 Chamber Officers & Directors Slate Presented by the Nominating Committee

The nominating committee submits to you the slate listed below for Officers and Directors for the year 2024. You are voting for the entire slate, not for individual members. A simple YES or NO vote is required.

It is requested that you vote by email promptly. Email your vote to The last day to vote is Friday, December 1st, 2023.

The slate of candidates is:

President Russell Green (RPG Wealth Management)

Vice President Tami Racaniello (Wellness Unicorn)

Treasurer Kenya Zachary (Jovia Financial Credit Union) – 1 year

Danielle Delgrosso (Roslyn Savings Bank) – 1 year

Bill Chabina (William J. Chabina Company, Inc.) – 1 year

Jared Sarney (SRG Residential) – 1 year

Steve Sprachman (Discovery Map) – 1 year


Ben Indiviglia (Douglas Elliman Real Estate)  – 2 years

Melesia Dechiaro (Lash Box by Mona Lisa) – 2 years

Laura Venugopalan (Careful Books) – 2 years

Dr. Parul Makkar (P.D.M. Family Dental) – 2 years


Gregg Jaffee (Tax Accountant) – 3 years

Mike Gallo (Home Depot) – 3 years

Ari Goldblatt (Boomer Productions, Inc) – 3 years

Alan Goldberg (CWA Merchant Services) – 3 years